Started by a small company in 2006 Twitter, or twttr as it was once known, has grown to become global phenomenon. With well over 500 million users worldwide, it would be difficult to find someone in the wired world who doesn’t know about Twitter. Twitter has managed to find a niche that Facebook and other social media sites couldn’t capitalize on and have it turned this small niche into an incredibly successful business. One factor that has always worked in Twitters favor is the simplicity of their logo. Thousands, if not millions, of websites proudly display their “tweets” giving Twitter an incredible amount of exposure. The simple twitter bird can be found on the most professional of websites to a simple blog and everything in between. Anyone interested in creating a branding empire of their own should consider the triumphs of Twitter in the global market.

Logo#1 Text

The first logo of Twitter, much like their business, was incredibly simple. All it consisted of was a blue sign spelling out the company name on a white background. This simple logo was meant to convey the simplicity of the company itself. All that people could do was write 250 quick characters and, despite its simple nature, the action of “tweeting” took off.

Logo#2 The Twitter Bird

In 2010 Twitter decided that it needed a new logo. They wanted something that perfectly symbolized the tweets that were the cornerstone of the business so they invented the twitter bird. The twitter bird summed up the objectives of the company perfectly. Not only did “tweets” sound like something a bird would do, but his quick and speedy look symbolized the quick and simple messages that the service offered.

Logo#3 The Bird Alone

In 2012 Twitter once again updated its logo. The very simple change merely deleted the word twitter and in its place left a much larger Twitter Bird. The reason for this change is probably quite simple. Twitter, in short, had become so famous that they didn’t even need to use the Twitter name. People, just by seeing the bird, would instantly know what it symbolized. As the company was in such a rare position, they decided to focus exclusively on the bird. They made the bird much larger so it could attract more attention. They also changed the color of the bird to a darker blue to make it more pleasing to a wider audience.

Why the Twitter Bird Works

There is no doubt that the Twitter Bird logo is incredibly effective. Hundreds of millions of people use the service daily and companies would gladly pay fortunes for such a loyal customer base. The logo has been so successful probably because it embraces its simplicity. Much like a tweet is short and sweet so too is the Twitter bird small and unassuming. This simple little bird is the symbol of a company that has become a worldwide phenomenon in only a few short years and Twitter, with the help of Twitter Bird, is sure to be a successful company for many years to come.

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