Doritos are some of the most popular snacks in the world right now. Based off the Mexican tortilla chip, the Dorito is made from corn and has a signature crunch that is not matched by most other types of chips on the market. Doritos started with only one flavor, but has since expanded into dozens of different varieties.
There is a lot that makes Doritos as a company successful. They sell a tasty and popular product, but it took them a very long time to become the kind of brand that could demand attention from consumers in both the US and the rest of the world. One of the things that have made Doritos so popular is the approach the company took to its branding.
The Doritos Logo is one of the most easily recognized among all chip and snack manufacturers. It is a very unique logo, and gives consumers an idea of the kind of image that Doritos wants to create. This doesn’t mean that the logo was done right the first time. Doritos went through several different logos before they found the one they’ve kept today.

 Logo #1: The Original

This is one of the first logos that Doritos ever used. It may be easy to understand why this logo did not last very long. It fit the friendly look that people were looking for in the 70’s, but it didn’t have much to separate it from other chips on the shelf. Doritos was still popular in those days, but it was based on the taste of their snack more than the strength of their logo. The logo would have a strong identity very soon though, and that much is evident in the second logo Doritos used.

Logo #2: Festive

In the second logo that Doritos used, there were a lot of new features. First, the colors are brighter and more festive. This may be because printing technology had improved since Doritos were first launched, but the improvements were definitely needed. Doritos also added the icon of a chip to replace the dot over the “I”. This is an important difference, because that iconic chip would go on to become the hallmark of the new few generations of Doritos logos.

Logo #3: The Chip

Following a few other short-lived logos, this is the one that has been the standard for the last few years of Doritos History. You may have noticed that the chip now appears in a bright display above the logo in addition to appearing over the “I”. This logo really demonstrates the target market the Doritos aimed for in crafting its logo.
The bright colors and the pulse pattern that forms the picture of the chip are targeted toward a younger demographic who enjoy good times and spicy flavors. Today, almost anyone can recognize the Doritos logo. The logo has helped Doritos to become much more popular, and likely drives the popularity of this fun snack to this day.

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