In 1985, for a mere $5 million dollars, the Discovery Channel was created through the efforts of several established groups such as the BBC and Venture America. In the beginning its programming was very limited and the channel only reached around 156,000 households. Now however with several hit television shows and an audience of millions, the Discovery Channel has reached incredible heights. Offering such well-known shows as “Mythbusters”, “Dirty Jobs” and Deadliest Catch”, the Discovery channel has become a force to be reckoned with in the television industry. One important factor that has helped the Discovery Channel reach the heights it has is the distinctive look of their logo. The iconic globe of the Discovery logo can be seen on television sets across the world and that kind of brand recognition is important for any company. The Discovery Channel is a popular choice to many people who are either seeking quality entertainment or just channel flipping. Anyone who seeks to create a branding empire of their own should consider the lessons and history of the Discovery Channel logo.

Logo#1-The TV screen

The first logo of the Discovery Channel sought to impress the image of bringing the world to the living rooms of people everywhere. To that end they had a box shaped like a television. Within this boss was a flattened black and white globe. This served to symbolize Discovery’s goal to show the world to everyone in the comfort of their own home. Below this image was the name “The Discovery Channel” in a black font, with the Discovery name being enlarged and bolded. This served to further strengthen the channels dedication to discovering the world.

Logo#2-The Globe

The next logo of the Discovery channel, which was introduced in 1987, freed the globe from the confines of the box. The globe, or half-globe as is more accurate, was instead below the Discovery name, intersecting some of the letters. This image stayed true to the idea of bringing the world to its viewers, while making the world seem that much bigger and less restricted than the previous logo.

Logo#3-The Current Logo

The current logo of the Discovery Channel was introduced in the year 2000. The globe of this logo was much more stylized and unique. It seems to show the cloud cover and oceans of the planet Earth in perfect detail, revolving on the screen. The Discovery name is above the logo in big, bold, characters with the channel name in blue next to the globe.

Why the Logo Works

With many popular shows and a massive viewer base, there can be no doubt that the Discovery logo is effective. The stylized globe works to perfectly express what the channel stands for…the idea of bringing the world to people’s living rooms. This image is both powerful and simple and appears to speak to people around the world. This popular channel manages to both entertain and educate and is sure to remain a powerhouse in the world of television for many years to come.

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