Nintendo is a brand that is loved all over the world. Today, almost everyone in the world knows what Nintendo means, and many people have Nintendo systems in their home. Nintendo has come a very long way since the company was founded, and so has the logo. In this article, we are going to go into some of the logos that have appeared throughout the long history of the Nintendo Company. Many people know Nintendo, but they don’t necessarily know where Nintendo came from. Nintendo is actually much older than many people think, even older than the existence of video games. The original Nintendo Company was actually started in the 1800’s. Nintendo started by manufacturing popular playing card games in Japan, and they actually still build some types of playing cards today. The Nintendo that everyone knows and loves came about in 1974, when they first began manufacturing gaming systems. Nintendo is now one of the most profitable companies in the world, and their logo reflects a very long and interesting history.

Logo #1: Nin Ten Do

 This was the first Nintendo logo, and it is actually the combination of three different Japanese sounds that form the final sound Nintendo. This is why Nintendo is actually pronounced the same in Japanese as it is in any other language. Nintendo kept this logo for many years while they were selling playing cards in Japan. Nintendo had many other logos after this, but we are going to focus on the ones that they began to develop after they had become a video game company. The next logo that we’re going to show you should be more recognizable. After all, it’s the logo that represented Nintendo while they were becoming one of the most famous brands in the world.

Logo #2: A Sign of Things to Come

This is the logo Nintendo used while developing some of its first video game systems. Fans of Nintendo should recognize the familiar block lettering, and the way that the words are enclosed within a red border. This logo was far easier to recognize than many of their previous logos, and the classic styling that was invented in this logo would still be the standard for the logos that would be developed after it. This logo really set the stage for the logo that followed, and became known all around the world.

Logo #3: The Modern Nintendo Logo

 This logo is the one that everyone recognizes. It features all the parts that make the Nintendo logo so recognizable. The words are less blocky than they first appeared, bus still retain a similar look. They also kept the bright red color. The most noticeable change is in the look of the border between this logo and the last one. There were actually several short-lived logos that existed between this one and the last one, but they didn’t last very long. This logo has lived many years without serious changes. It’s a great logo, and it can be hard to improve on perfection.

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