Almost every parent can recognize the Pampers logo. Pampers has been one of the biggest manufacturers of diapers since the 1960’s, and the company isn’t showing any weakness these days. It’s still one of the most trusted names among parents who want clean and reliable diapers. The company has certainly expanded since then though. Today, the company makes dozens of different types of diapers, and sells them in many different countries. It’s not hard to see why pampers remains popular. The Pampers logo can be recognized by almost anyone, even though the logo has gone through more than a couple changes. Here are a couple logos as they’ve appeared through the years.

Logo #1: The Old Fashioned

Here is the first pampers logo to ever appear. The logo was used to communicate that the company wanted to focus on comfort. Every parent wants the best for their baby, so the new company grew very quickly, by providing their cushioned and comfortable diapers. Disposable diapers were also relatively new at the time, and people were happy have an option that allowed them to stop cleaning out cloth diapers over and over.

Logo #2: A Friendlier Look

 Pampers went through several other logos before sticking with this more modern style. The style of this new logo is obviously supposed to draw attention to the features of the project. The letters are soft, and puffed up as if they are fluffy. When people see this logo, they should be convinced to think of how comfortable their baby would feel in pampers. The logo also has a friendly and reassuring look. To parents who are constantly concerned about the health and the comfort of their baby, this logo should look very inviting sitting on a shelf. Pampers kept this logo for ten years, but eventually replaced it with another one.

Logo #3: Even Softer and Lighter

A little more than 10 years ago, Pampers switched to the logo it still has today. This logo obviously built on the concept that they started when they introduced the last logo in the 1990’s. The logo is supposed to look very safe and friendly. Perhaps that is why Pampers decided to replace the darker colors in their previous logo with the light and soft ones it has now. This newest logo was obviously successful. After all, the company today is as strong as it ever was.

Why the Logo Works

The logo works for several reasons. The first is that it is immediately recognizable. The logo has the sort of look that sticks in the mind, and makes people remember it in their future purchases. Some logos don’t incorporate the full name of the product, but Pampers has important meaning as word, so it makes sense that the company would want the name as part of the logo. The logo also really helps communicate the features of this particular product. The product is soft, light, and comfortable just like the look of the logo.

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