The Dr. Pepper Logo

Created in 1865 in a tiny corner drugstore by Charles Alderton, the soft drink Dr. Pepper has become an international sensation. Its unique taste, as touted by their advertisers, can be found across the planet in places like Japan and Australia. As one of the most successful soft drink brands in America, Dr. Pepper is sure to be a powerhouse in the world of caffeinated beverages for many years to come. One important factor in Dr. Pepper’s success has always been the distinctive look of their logo. With their strong international presence, millions of people around the world have been exposed to the vibrantly red Dr. Pepper logo. This sort of exposure is absolutely vital for any company’s success and Dr. Pepper has worked hard to become as popular as they are. Anyone who seeks to create a branding empire of their own should consider the history of the Dr. Pepper logo and its unqualified success.

Logo#1-The King of Beverages

In the 1890’s one of the first commercial Dr. Pepper logos was introduced. This logo showed words “Drink Dr. Pepper” in swooping letters with the slogan “King of Beverages” below it. This is the logo and slogan that was used on the first glass bottles that Dr. Pepper was served in. As Dr. Pepper was just starting to become the popular drink that it is today, this logo was meant to serve as an attention-getter. The “King of Beverages” slogan was meant to entice new customers to try Dr. Pepper in order to increase its popularity.

Logo#2 Good for Life

In the 1920’s Dr. Pepper introduced a new logo. This logo removed the previous slogan of the earlier logo and replaced it with the slogan “Good for life.” It is also important to note the distinctive red color of this logo. This was the first time that red was used in the logo and it has been the official color of the Dr. Pepper logo ever since.

Logo#3-Dr. to Dr

The third logo of Dr. Pepper, which was introduced in the 1950’s, is distinctive because of the stylistic choice that was made here. Worried that the period in Dr. would look like a colon, the period was actually removed. This stylistic change has stayed constant and even to this day, there is no period after Dr. It is also important to note that the period was removed to avoid legal issues due to people mistakenly believing it to be related to the medical professions.

Current Logo

The current logo of Dr. Pepper, which was created in the 1990’s, has gone through some pretty drastic changes from its inception. Gone is the slogan and back is the iconic red color. The logo instead has the image of bubbles surrounding the Dr. Pepper name. This is to indicate refreshment and taste.

Why the Logo Works

The logo probably works so well because it has had well over a century to appeal to customers. That builds up generations of customer loyalty and that is something that invaluable for any company.

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