With Logaster is always possible to create a logo with supporting the most popular symbols in any language. You can use any version of the site (logaster.de, logaster.ru or logaster.com) and text will be displayed correctly.
Everyone can create a logo using:
– Latin (English);
– Latin Extended (Á, Ĝ, Ġ, Š, Č, Ú, Ý, Ø, Ý and other characters);
– Cyrillic (Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Belarusian and other languages);
– Japanese characters.
The process of creating the logo is identical in any language:
1. Press “Create a logo.
2. Type the name of the company, for example, Cásé. Then select the type of activity and if you need to add a slogan.
3. Select one of the dozens generated beautiful logos.
4. Edit the selected logo if you need. It is possible to change text, font, color and icon and add a slogan.
5. Download the logo. Small logos are available for free. Full-length and vector logos can be downloaded after a small payment.
Logaster allows to create optimized versions of logos for social networking, business cards, as well as corporate letterhead with created logo.
Do you have questions? Please ask us.

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