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Everything you need to know before submitting
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Our platform allows millions of users - from bloggers, to musicians, to businessmen - craft a professional brand identity. Create compelling content to help our readers promote their brands, learn new stuff, and find solutions to burning problems.


Write a relevant and unique article with practical tips

When writing an article, rely on the facts which are correct, accurate, and relevant. Make sure you reference citations, statistical data, research findings, etc. Only use reliable and authoritative sources of reference.


Don't overdo it with self-promotion

Useful content is a surefire way to show off authority and build trust with the audience. At the same time, try to find an unobtrusive way to mention your website or product in your article.


Here are the types of content that our readers want to see:

- Longreads;
- Guides, instructions;
- Articles;
- Business cases/Success stories;
- Infographics.

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Author guidelines

To guide you through your work, we've made a list of submission requirements.
We only accept the articles that meet these criteria.

Our clients make the biggest part of our blog's audience. In our blog, they're looking for insightful tips on how to start an online business, grow offline sales, effectively use their branded designs, and much more.

If your article mentions your service, product or website, make sure it solves the problems outlined in the article and answers the audience's needs.

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Find a smart way to structure your content. Use a simple language. If you're using niche terms, be sure to explain their meaning to common readers.

Keep in mind that your article will be read by real people, and not search systems, so don't overdo it with keywords. The keyword density must not exceed 3%.

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Be sure to enhance your content with imagery. It's a great way to grab readers' attention and make your article easier to perceive. Use images with the 4:3 (1024х768 px) or 2:1 (1200х600 рх) ratio. Submit the images in a separate ZIP file. Make sure the images are available for commercial use.

The content creator is responsible for any copyright infrigements related to the images.

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In our blog, we only publish links that can be of use to our readers. If, for example, the article mentions a specific fact, there must be a link to more information about it. If it's an overview of useful services, we add one link to each tool.

Also, we reserve the right not to publish the links that violate our website policy.

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Who can I contact to discuss my publication?

If you have questions regarding the topic, structure, size, etc. of your publication, don't hesitate to contact our editor Natalia.


Getting to know each other

We'll discuss the topic and structure of your article, as well as publication terms.


Work process

Once we've agreed on the topic, we'll build a semantic core (list of keywords) for your article. Also, we'll provide you with detailed submission guidelines. When the article is ready, our editor will start to prepare it for publication.



We'll publish your article within the discussed time both in our blog and on social media pages.


Do you charge a publication fee?

Most of the time, yes. Contact Natalia to discuss publication terms and fees.

Why do articles get rejected?

We only publish backlinks to the websites we find trustworthy and authoritative. Also, we put value in useful, high-quality content. If your content fails to meet our requirements, we won't be able to publish it.

Can I submit a non-unique article?

No, this is not acceptable. Article submissions must be at least 95% unique.

What are the size requirements for an article?

We don't have strict requirements about the article size. The average size of our blog posts is 1200-1500 words.

What format should I choose for my article?

We prefer Google Docs :)