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Frequently Asked Questions

Logo “For screen” contains only raster files (PNG, JPEG). Logo “For print and screen” contains not only raster, but also vector files and optimized versions of the logo for social networks (VK, Facebook, Twitter, Google+).
Logo “For screen” is intended for sites, banners and social networks, but not for printing because you’ll lose the quality. If you want to print business cards, booklets, signboards etc, logo “For print and screen” will be the best option.
You’ll receive high-quality files for internet and printing. You will be able to download the logo in PDF, SVG, JPEG, PNG, business card and envelope in PDF and PNG, blank in PDF, PNG and DOCX, favicon in ICO and PNG. You can find the list of available formats on our price page.
Download a sample of the logo, business card, envelope, blank and favicon to ensure the quality of our products.
Try to remember what was depicted on the logo and create a new logo using icon search. More details here.
You need to download a 94x54 mm business card which has 2 mm indents on the sides for trimming.
We offer business cards in PDF. Corel and Adobe Illustrator work perfectly fine with this format. As an alternative, we can provide you with a business card in EPS. Just write us.
Go to logo page, click Download logo and choose one of the options (“For screen” or “For print and screen”). Then enter your payment information and pay. Read more detailed instructions here.
Small logo for a site is free. Bigger logos without watermarks cost $9.99 and more.
Go to the created logo’s page and click Buy. Then enter your payment information and pay. Read more detailed instructions here.
To do this, you need to get BrandKit. After the purchase, you can download a logo, business card, envelope, blank and favicon. The instructions are here.
You can pay with credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) and PayPal.
Designs you see on the products page are just samples. You can download your own designs and, if necessary, existing samples after payment. More details here.
Unfortunately, we don’t provide the invoice. The process of payment is the same for both individuals and legal entities.
You can choose any currency on our payment page. It will be automatically converted into US dollars. See par. 5 in the article.
Payment processing takes minutes. In rare cases, you’ll have to wait 5-10 minutes.
Go to the item page, click Download and activate the items. Then you can download the files. Read more here.
Yes! You can edit design and download files without additional payment.
Logo “For screen 1024px” is available in sizes from 75px to 1024px.
Logo “For screen 5000px” is 5000px.
Logo “For print and screen” contains all of the previous sizes as well as vector files PDF and SVG, which can be enlarged to any size without quality loss.
Download the logo in PNG and choose the files with the word “transparent” in their names. Read more here.
In Billing history of your account you should find the transaction ID of your order and click on it. Then you will be able to download the invoice. Read more information here.
To change the design, click the pencil icon on the item page. Read more here.
Unfortunately, it’s not possible for now. However, you can do it yourself after you download the logo. Read more here.
Currently there is no such option.
No, but you can do it yourself after you download the logo.
You should duplicate the logo and make all its elements white. Then download the logo in PNG format. Read more information here.
Write us and we will delete your account and all your data (logos, business cards, envelopes, blanks and favicons) irrecoverably.
Unfortunately, we can’t provide phone support. Write us and we’ll try to respond in detail as soon as possible.
Yes, you can. You will get the derivative copyright on the created logo. However, we cannot guarantee that others won’t have a similar icon. Read more here.
We don’t provide such service yet. We create business card mockups and you can take them to your local printer.
We don’t design or finalize the logos. You can use our logo creating service – just choose a category and search for icons by applying tags to them.
Send us a page screenshot and the name of your OS and browser. We will try to solve the problem as soon as possible!
The font is different just because it’s not installed in the library of your operation system. Therefore, the program replaces it by any other available font. Read how to fix it here.