White Label/API from Logaster logo maker

Use Logaster's White Label/API to let your clients create logos on your site
and under your brand!

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What is the White Label logo maker?

Logaster's White Label is a turnkey business for creating logos and other design products. It allows you to provide professional logo-making services to your clients under your own brand, without a long development process. Users will be creating logo designs on your site without even knowing that the logo maker isn't actually yours!

Why should I use White Label/API?

Key benefits you should know about:

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More value for your clients

If you have many users who need a logo design for their businesses, this White Label is just what you need. By adding our logo generator to your website, you'll solve a problem for your clients and boost their loyalty.

option 2

Extra income for you

Resell logos and other designs to clients and get extra income. Plus, you can include a logo in one of your existing plans to make it more valuable for the client.

option 3

Save time and money

No need to invest time and money into creating a logo maker. We've already built one for you! Our White Label/API can be easily integrated into any website.

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Set your own prices

Feel free to set your own prices for logos and other designs.

option 5

Instant upgrades

Your logo generator will be upgraded simultaneously with the Logaster website. This means your clients can access the latest functionalities and features first-hand.

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Personal manager

Your personal manager will help you set up your White Label and answer any pertinent questions.

How White Label/API works

Get started in 3 simple steps.


Integrate logo maker

Adding the logo maker to your site is easier than you might think.


Sell logo designs

Users will create and purchase logos on your site. They won't even know that the logo maker is owned by Logaster, and not by you.


Send products to your clients

All design products created under the White Label will be stored in your account. You'll be able to buy any product, download it, and send it to your client.

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Our clients' logo

Logaster has created 40 mln brands and counting!


I love the logo I created on your website. Thank you so much!


Thanks to Logaster and special thanks to Alex Levin who gave me all the assisstance I needed.


I liked the service very much. It’s practical and easy to use. My logo looks stellar.


How do I get White Label/API?

Instructions on how to get the White Label / API and answers to other questions you can find here.

How much does your White Label/API cost?

You can find the White Label/API prices here.

How will my users get their designs?

Log into your White Label account on the Logaster website. Buy and download the design product you need and send it to your client.

How can I brand my White Label?

We'll customize the logo maker with your logo, contacts, and company details on the presentation page.

Can I set my own prices for logos?

Yes, you can sell logos and other designs at any price you want.

Who will accept payments?

Your clients will be able to purchase logos on your website using the payment methods that suit you.

Will you be sending Logaster newsletters to my users?

No. We won't be promoting Logaster to your users.

What languages is your White Label available in?

Currently, the White Label logo generator is available in English and French. We're working on adding other languages.

Does your logo maker work on mobile devices?