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What's Inside Logaster's
Design Bundle?

No need to hire a designer to get a professional logo design! With Logaster simple software, you can get 120+ files with different layouts, corporate colors, and backgrounds! Find out what you can get in just a few clicks!

Vector and Raster Files

Get high-resolution files (png, jpeg) for web and vector files (pdf, svg) for print and editing in graphic design programs!

High resolution raster files

High-resolution logo for web (png, jpeg)

What is it?
A high-resolution logotype is a high-quality logo designed for online use. A sharp image can make your website look more professional.

Why do you need it?
Whether for webpages or mobile apps, high-quality visuals are a must for successful branding. To create a strong visual identity, you must use the right logotype dimensions for different platforms.

Scalable vector files

Scalable logo for print (vector pdf, svg)

What is it?
A scalable logotype is adjustable in size and can be used in different branding collaterals.

Why do you need it?
A logo must be responsive to fit different screen sizes. For example, your design must be big enough to be visible and legible on large banners and signage.

Customizable Size

Logaster resize tool

Don't waste your time resizing your logo in Photoshop. Simply enter the size of your desired logo into the website and download it.

Logo Layouts

Six layout options for multiple applications! Horizontal and vertical orientations with and without a tagline, all in one.

Horizontal layout with a tagline from Logaster

Horizontal logo with a tagline

One of the most common orientations that fits multiple backgrounds, such as websites, banners, T-shirts, business cards, billboards, promotional and sponsorship products. Try to use your tagline whenever possible to establish your brand voice.

Horizontal layout without a tagline designed by Logaster

Horizontal logo without a tagline

Horizontal logo without a tagline is perfect for layouts with limited vertical space. It's perfect for rectangular and horizontal layouts when your tagline becomes hard to read due to the small scale of your logo, e.g. on such as letterheads, websites, T-shirts, etc.

Vertical layout with a tagline from Logaster

Vertical logo with a tagline

One of the most common logo orientations to be used on square and vertical layouts with limited horizontal space, e.g. printing materials, ad banners, messengers, social platforms, signage, etc. Try to use your tagline whenever possible to establish your brand voice.

Vertical layout without a tagline from Logaster

Vertical logo without a tagline

This logo only includes an icon and company name. It's designed for square and vertical layouts when your tagline becomes hard to read due to the small scale of your logo, e.g. on T-shirts, mugs, paper cups, etc.

Small-size layout with a tagline from Logaster

Small-size logo with a tagline

Small logo with a tagline (e.g., without an icon) stays legible on items with small printing areas. Small logos are often used on promotional giveaways (stickers, magnets, etc.) to boost brand awareness.

Small-size layout without a tagline from Logaster

Small-size logo without a tagline

Small-size logo is designed for small prints (price tags, pencils, websites, ads) without a tagline.

Corporate Color Options

Five variations of logo colors for use on websites, social media, printed matter, and ads. Transparent background included!

File with white background

Logo on white background

To make your design process easier, a logotype with a white background has been made available to you. This type of logo is most useful on documents or webpages with white backgrounds.

File with transparent background

Logo on transparent background

A transparent background allows your logotype to remain on top of a colored background or images. This makes the design process easy. This logo will blend well with a background image or the colored background of a website.

File with corporate color background

Logo on corporate color background

This versatile emblem can be used on a variety of advertising materials. It's an ideal option for creating your visual branding elements.

File with negative logo version

Negative version

A negative logo is an inverted version of your logo. It's created by using negative space on dark and black backgrounds, e.g., office walls, flyers, and promotional stands.

File with black and white version

Black and white version

A black and white logo is often used on single-color documents, such as receipts, faxes, letterheads, newspapers, etc.

Additional Features

Logaster is your one-stop branding design agency. Who needs a designer when you can get a logo in minutes? Plus, it saves your budget!

Unlimited changes option

Unlimited changes

Can’t make up your mind? Be inspired anytime! You can make unlimited changes to your good logo whenever you like.

Commercial and personal use license option

Commercial and personal use license

You get all rights to the commercial and personal use of your logo and trademark registration. To register your logo and get more information, please contact a patent lawyer.

Unlimited downloads option

Unlimited downloads

After you make changes, download your purchased files at any time. There are no download limits.

File backup option

File backup

We provide backup and storage of your files on the Logaster website. Feel free to access your files whenever you want.

Download a Free Sample of Your Logo Design Bundle

Free sample option

See how many files (raster and vector) you'll get after creating your own branding package. Download a ready-to-use sample package now!

Download a sample

Who Needs a Designer When You Have Logaster?

Logaster's competitive edge

Affordable price

No need to spend a fortune on a graphic designer. Logaster's AI-generated logos are just as beautiful and smart as professional designs! Plus, you get a full branding package.

Fast delivery

Logaster combines fast delivery and designer quality. Your custom logo will be ready in just a few clicks.

One-stop branding

One logo for all your branding needs. Just choose the logotype you like and let us handle the rest. You'll get your business card, letterhead, favicon, and social branding designs ready in no time.

Unlimited edits

As your brand develops, you might want to update your logo design. With Logaster, you can edit your logo whenever and as many times as you want - without the hassle of asking for a designer's help. This saves on additional costs.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Choose from among the hundreds of logo ideas we create for you and pay only once you're happy with your design. Customize your logo with the editing feature.


We provide all the rights to commercial and personal use of your logo and trademark registration.

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