How to Create Your Brand with Logaster:
Guidelines and Tips

Get a sneak peek at how you can easily get a logo with Logaster. All you need to do is enter your brand name. Logaster's smart logo generator will create a great selection of beautiful logos from which you can choose. Follow these easy steps and your logo will be ready in no time!

1Start by entering your brand name.

Get started by entering your company text. Then hit the "Make a Logo" button and Logaster will work its magic.

Start creation step

2Specify your design details.

Logaster has made customization available. Tailor your logo desgin for your branding needs without the need for a graphic designer. Customize your design by specifying the following 3 aspects:

Choose industry step

Choose Your Industry:

Logaster offers designs for all types of industries. Specifying your business type will make your logo more relevant to your clients and help you reach the right audience.

Enter tagline step

Enter Your Tagline:

Your tagline is a great way to amplify your brand voice. Though it is optional, if used properly, it could become one of the most memorable elements of your brand.

Choose color scheme step

Choose Your Color Scheme:

Your color scheme sets the tone for your brand and gives it personality. Creating the right mood for your brand will help you build a postive brand association.
Once you've specified the options, don't forget to hit the "Create" button to see your new logos.

3Choose the logo(s) you love.

Logaster AI use hundreds design algoritms to create a perosonlized design.But AI not enough to make really effective branding, that's why our designers team modarete and improve designs. In the end of process you will get high qality designs,which are persomolized for your via Artificial Inteligens.

Choose any logotype you like by clicling "Preview and download" to see how your brand can looks on branded elements or "Show more" to get more design ideas.

Don't ready to choose one design? Don't worry! Add each logo you like to Favorites to continue works with them later!

Choose the logo step

4See how your logo can be applied

Your logo and brand identity are almost ready! Click "Preview & Download" to see what your corporate designs will look like when placed on business cards, stationery, outdoor banners, social media, etc.

Logaster creates a logo in 6 layouts and 5 color options to ensure that your design looks its best when applied on various branding surfaces. For example, a horizontal logo with a tagline fits multiple backgrounds, such as websites, banners, T-shirts, business cards, billboards, and promotional and sponsorship products.

In the pop-up window, click "Save" to download your logo after signing up. If you want to edit your logo (e.g., change the icon, text or color), move to the next step!

Usages step

5Edit your logo and customize it.

Click "Edit logo" on the 2-step design creation or after signing up in your account on the menu panel.

Customize design

In what ways can you change your design with the Logaster editing master?

Icon option

The Icon

Change the icon to another one. For this, please click on "Icon" and on the left-side bar, use "search" to find a new icon.

Font option

The Font

Change the font of the logotype text and tagline. Click on the text and, on the menu panel, choose another font.

Style option

The Style

Change the font options: color, size, incline, text style (capitalized, uppercase, lowercase), letter spacing.

Text option

The Text

Add new text lines. You can add several lines for adding your tagline or making some letters/words in different styles.

Layers option

The Layers

Move layers (icons, text) above/below each other, add a mask.

Other options

Other Options

You can always cancel your edits using the "Reset all" button or by using the "undo" and "redo" options.

After editing, save a design to download it.

6Choose the best plan for you.

Logaster provides prices for businesses with different budgets. Choose the most suitable logo plans on the pricing page.

XS Raster logo on white background
(1 file)
High quality file for online usage. We offer a logo file with dimesions of 2000 x 2000 pixels in PNG format. If you need a logo on a white background for web use or if you want to use it for social networks (with the specified size), then this plan is exactly what you need.

This is a convenient option to check and preview whether the logo "fits" at the initial stage of the business. Download sample
S Full logo package
(120 files)
Logo for any purpose! You can resize your logotype without losing its quality, print it on various media and edit even after downloading. This option is best for large format color printing on advertising products, souvenirs, banners, billboards, flyers, etc.

It's the best option if you only need a logo in raster (PNG, JPEG) and vector (SVG, PDF) formats, since other design templates (letterheads, business cards, etc.) are not included. Download sample
M Plans S + Business Card +
Social Branding
This plan includes a full set of logos from Plan S, plus business card files (PDF, SVG, PNG) and versions of the logo optimized for social networks (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, VK, and LinkedIn).

The best option when you need both online branding and business cards. Download sample
L Full Brand kit
(temporarily not available)
A complete set of brand identity elements in raster and vector formats: logo, business card, multiple versions of logos optimized for social networks, letterhead, favicon, logo pattern and much more.

The best business option for all-in-one branding. Download sample

How to buy a logo and proceed with payment; please read the article.

7Download your logo for immediate use.

To download a logo after payment, go to your account:

Download files 1

1. At the top left corner, select your logo. If you can't see the logo, please click "All brands" to see all the created and fovorited logos and to choose one.

Download files 2

2. After opening the logo page, select the kind of logo you need. Logaster offers 5 color options and 6 design layouts, so 30 logos are avaible. Then click on "View&Download".

Download files 3

3. On the opened pop-up, click on the "Need file format" button to download. Check out "button tips" to figure out which format you need to achieve your goals.

8How to share your logo and get feedback.

After spending several hours creating your logo, you need an unbiased opinion on your artwork.
Ask your friends and colleges for feedback. Their tips can help make your logo more appealing to your target audience.

How do you share your logo?

Share feedback 1

1. Log into your account.

Share feedback 2

2. On the page with your logo, hit the "Preview" button.

Share feedback 3

3. Enable the “Share” option.

Copy a link to your logo and send it to your friends directly or via Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms! Ask people what they think about your design!

9Apply your logo to branding.

Once you’ve created your own logotype, it’s important to use it in a smart way. This is where you can put your emblem:

Usages branding step

Now your branding is ready!

How to Make a Logo:
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