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With the Logaster free logo maker, you can create and download a small-size logotype without watermarks. It's absolutely free!

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Whatever your budget, Logaster offers you unlimited logotype (white background) downloads for free.

No watermarks

Create a beautiful, custom logotype and download it with no watermarks.


The PNG file is ready to use immediately after download! Put it on letterheads, websites, T-shirts, and more!

How Do I Create and Download My Free Logo?

Type in your company name and get your free logo design in just 1 minute!

1Enter your company name.

Specify your industry and brand colors to customize your brand identity.

1 step start branding

2Choose your favorite design.

Select your logotype from among dozens of beautiful designs! Sign up for free to save and download your logotype anytime.

2 step choose your design

3Download your free logotype.

Click on the logo with the "FREE" sign at the top right corner of the "Horizontal logo without tagline" preview. A pop-up window will appear. Simply click on the "Small size PNG" button and the emblem is yours! That's it!

3 step download it for free

Create your logo easily with Logaster.


How Can I Use It?

As inspiration

Use logotypes created by the Logaster software as a prototype. Save and share them with your friends to get feedback. Or you can hire a designer to get your logo fine-tuned.

As a concept design

See how your newly created design looks on your business cards, envelopes, and letterheads. A small-size logotype by Logaster is a great choice for this task!

As a quick start

Not sure if your idea will work? With the Logaster free logo creator, you can kickstart your project without overspending.

As a learning tool

Learning design can be a difficult and complicated process. By using program, you can start creating your design quickly and easily! Gain experience with us!

Free Logo Design Gallery

Our logo generator has created more than 8M brands! Click and download a beautiful emblem of your own!
BKM brand designed by Logaster Berlion brand designed by Logaster Western brand designed by Logaster

Is the Free Logo Enough for Me?

Options Free logo Paid logo
Logo for Web
White background
Raster (PNG) logo, 327 х 147 px
No watermarks
Vector (pdf, svg) logo for print
120+ files (different sizes, layouts, and backgrounds)
Logo on transparent background for web and print
Commercial use license

What Customers Say About Us

Online Logo maker and Generator
(4.9/5) 630  customer reviews
Customer feedback 1

My experience was great! The whole process took less than 20 minutes. I had been going back and forth with a designer for weeks and we couldn’t find the right fit. Ten minutes on your site and I couldn’t decide which logotype package I liked more! The download options were perfect, and with the different layouts it will look great throughout my company!!! Thanks again for saving me time, money, and hassle!!! I would recommend you to anyone looking to brand their company with this service!

Customer feedback 2

It was super easy to do and very fun to create. It was interesting to have so many examples of what the design will look like. Yes, I'm very happy with your freeware and we love our new identity.

Customer feedback 3

It's easy to use, just type a name, add a slogan, pick on main colors and activity and choose between several logo designs. You can work and rework every time until you are ready to generate a complete kit. If you have difficulties, just contact support and you will have fast solution.

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