The Walgreens Logo

Walgreens started as a tiny corner drugstore founded in 1901 by a man by the name of Charles Walgreen. Now though, Walgreens has become one of the greatest success stories in American history. A member of the Fortune 500, Walgreens has expanded across the globe with locations in quite a few countries. From a small drugstore, Walgreens has grown to an international chain that supplies the needs of millions of people through groceries, snacks and, of course, prescriptions. Walgreens as a whole has come to be the go-to source for nearly all pharmaceutical needs and they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. One important factor in the incredible success of this company is the simple image of their logo. Millions of people across the planet can recognize the logo of the Walgreens Company and such brand recognition is vital for the growth of a company. Whether someone needs a quick snack or medication refilled, Walgreens is sure to cross their mind. Anyone who wants to create a branding empire of their own should consider the lessons of Walgreens history.

Logo#1-Simplicity Itself

The first logo, which actually ran for 50 years, was quite simple. All that showed was the name “Walgreens” in gray cursive script. As the store was a tiny little shop back then the owner never really felt a need to spruce the logo up. However that changed as Walgreens began to open more and more locations across the U.S.

2nd Logo-A Little Color

The next Walgreens logo, which was introduced in 1951, changed quite drastically from its humble beginnings. First the logo’s color was changed to red to make itself more visible to passing cars. The 2nd big change was the addition of a blue mortar and pestle to the side of the logo. This served to further emphasize the fact that Walgreens was a place where all a customer’s pharmaceutical needs could be taken care of. Walgreens also added a slogan which Walgreens hadn’t had before. It said “The Pharmacy America trusts.” This, of course, was meant to further cement Walgreens as America’s main pharmacy.  

Logo#3 The Red Mortar

The next Walgreens logo was made in 1983 and made some minor changes. First of all the mortar and pestle were moved to the top of the “Walgreens” name and colored the same red as the logo itself. The slogan itself was also removed to make the logo more streamlined.

The Current Logo

The next and current logo of Walgreens was simplified quite a bit. Gone is the mortar and pestle and that’s left is the “Walgreens” name itself. The letting of the logo is also streamlined and broadened to make it more visible. This was probably to make the logo easier to read online, so as to entice more consumers to Walgreens.

Why the Logo Works

The main reason that the logo works is that Walgreens has had a lot of time to build recognition around their logo. With over a hundred years in business Walgreens has worked hard to ensure that people know exactly what they can get at Walgreens. Also, as the logo has barely changed over the years, Walgreens has never had to struggle with identity as so many other businesses have.

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