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Toy company name: Original Examples & Tips

  1. Names & Logos of Toy Companies
  2. How to create a toy company logo

Choosing a company name is a major step in establishing and promoting your business. It must be both original and simple. It must also be easy for both parents and kids to remember. Make sure it channels only positive emotions.

To create a great name, you must follow a few important guidelines. First, your selected option must be memorable and easy to pronounce. Second, when someone hears your company name, kids must be the first thing that comes to mind.

You can’t go wrong with popular characters from fairy tales and cartoons. Creating a more generic version, such as “Children’s World” or “Wonderland”, is also a way to go. Experiment with the words “toys”, “kids”, and the like. The main thing is to build a vibrant connection between a company’s name and its products.  

Draw inspiration from successful toy factories, come up with a couple of your own ideas, and choose the option you like best.

Names & Logos of Toy Companies

toys company


wonders, kids, baby, childhood, fairy tale, magic, etc.

How to create a toy company logo

Have you already chosen a vibrant name for your toy business? Don’t forget to pair it with a catchy, colorful logo to make your brand even more appealing to your target audience.


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