General information

The train is a among the main means of transportation used nowadays. Since its invention, the train has amazed and inspired people. It’s associated with power, strength, speed, and movement. The first logos featuring a train belonged to railway companies. With time, other businesses followed suit. Nowadays, different types and generations of trains can be seen in the logos of manufacturing companies, shops, cafés, restaurants, and entertainment centers.

What brands use a train logo

Owned by Kerry Foodservice, the Big Train brand uses a neat image of an old steam locomotive inside a round frame. A similar branding option is used for the Sky Train ride by The Mystery Rooms Melbourne. The logo for National High Speed ​​Rail Corporation resembles a racing locomotive.

What images to choose

A train logo can symbolize speed, loyalty to traditions, fast change, and breaking of stereotypes. To convey these ideas, choose the illustration of a moving train, old steam locomotive, rails, wheels, smoke coming from a steam locomotive, and more. Feel free to craft a combination mark by pairing the image of a train with your company name or abbreviation.

What colors to choose

The existing train logos don’t follow any fixed color rules. Feel free to use your corporate colors, if you like. If not, explore the most common colors of real-life train, such as black, grey, dark blue, and red. To send a strong visual message, consider combining red (color of speed) and blue (trust). Many brands opt for clean emblems, e.g. black drawing of a train on a white background.

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