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General information

Submarines are used not only for military purposes but also for scientific research and tourism. This powerful vessel has always been a source of inspiration for writers, film directors, artists, songwriters, and composers. Using a submarine in your branding is a great way to convey a variety of meanings, including the ability to analyze things, adapt to circumstances, make smart decisions under pressure, and face challenges.

Atlantis Submarine Logo
Black Submarine Logo
Blue Submarine Logo
Bottle Submarine Logo

Naval Submarine Base New London Logo

What brands use a submarine logo

Naval Submarine Base New London is one of the first brands that comes to mind when talking about submarine logos. As its logo, an animated film about The Beatles uses the image of the iconic Yellow Submarine from the band’s famous song. The Blue Submarine brand uses a playful image of a fish with a propeller and periscope. The Flying Submarine media company opted for flying submarine. In the logo for the training center SubSafe, you can see a brand logo paired with an original illustration of a submarine.

The Flying Submarine Logo
Yellow Submarine Logo
SubSafe Logo

What images to choose

When crafting a submarine emblem, businesses mostly use the images of a periscope, propeller, cabin, and other distinctive parts of the vessel. If your brand name already includes the word “submarine”, you can explore other sea-related icons, e.g. waves, fish, and the like. If your brand personality allows that, go for a playful, cartoonish illustration of a submarine. For example, you can add a funny face to your vessel and turn it into an eye-catching mascot. The good news is that the image of a submarine is quite versatile, meaning you can adjust it to almost any industry.

Submarine Poseidon Logo
Connecticuts Submarine Logo
Submarine Adventure Logo
Submarine Cat Logo

Submarine Professional Time Logo

What colors to choose

Most logos featuring a submarine are blue. However, this only applies to companies and brands that have to do with ships and the sea. If you’re engaged in a different industry, your color palette is not limited to shades of blue. Feel free to explore your artistic side and experiment with hues. Think about emotions and feelings you want to evoke and go from there.

Submarine Force Logo
Submarine House Logo
Submarine Tortuga Logo

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Sub Turbo Tours Logaster logo
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Little Boy Logaster logo
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Submarine Force Logaster logo
Submarine Logaster logo
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