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What companies use?

ARocket logos are placed on the signboards not only by big state producers and researchers, such as NASA, which has an official mark on the missile track and the car around the Earth. Now rocket logos are used by private companies, for example, the division of the company Electron, which is named Rocket Lab in the silhouette of the rocket.

Rocket Lab Logo
Rocket Exhaust Logo
Growth Rocket Logo

Rocket Logo

How to choose the right elements?

When decorating the logo, you should think about how to avoid angles and sharp breaks. It is better to imagine it in the form of a globe, belted by a flight trajectory or a missile track, although the rectangular frame will look interesting, you just need to make it big.

Rockets Logo
Joe Rocket Logo
Rocket Consultants Logo

How to choose the right colors?

You can select various colors, but you need to think of the dominant colors. Traditionally, blue is chosen for the background, as a symbol of the sky, red or bright orange may be chosen for the track, the Earth is depicted in turquoise, and the body is white.

Rocket Internet Logo
Houston Rockets Logo
Rocket Logo
Pink Rocket Logo

The Copper Rocket Logo

What industries use?

The famous logo of the UK Space Agency, where the rocket is presented in the form of an arrow coming out of the national flag, is a great example. It is not necessary to use a rocket for the space sphere only, the symbol can be absolutely universal. For example, the Rocket's Pizza pizzeria, and The Copper Rocket bar use it. Some service companies use rockets to symbolize the possibility to lift a client to unprecedented heights.

Rocket Pizza Logo
UK Space Agency Logo
Rocket Fiber Logo

How do I create a rocket logo for my brand?

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Logos created by Logaster

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Rocket Boost Logaster Logo
Fast Net Logaster Logo
Kosmo Naut Logaster Logo
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Marketing Guru Logaster Logo
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Space Gaming Logaster Logo
Space Logaster Logo
Speed Racer Logaster Logo
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