General information

Sea is the element that has fascinated and challenged people for centuries. A boat symbolizes courage, bravery, moving forward, and ability to overcome challenges and face threats. Boats are depicted on the logos of shipbuilding and shipping companies. Other industries also started to dive deeper into a rich boat- and sea-related symbolism.

What brands use a boat logo

The Boat Company uses a concise silhouette of a pleasure boat that instantly reveals the industry the brand is involved in. A similar solution is used by the Chicago Electric Boat Company. The corporate emblem for Paper Boat displays the brand name. In the BoAt logo, a boat is aptly incorporated into letter “A”. The world's largest producer of pleasure boats, Brunswick Boat Group decided against using an entire boat in their branding. Instead, they’re using graphics that resembles the bow of a boat.

What images to choose

Focus on easily recognizable parts of a boat, including a bow, oars, sail, etc. To emphasize your loyalty to traditions, use the image of an old sailboat or steamer. A motor boat symbolizes youth and ambitiousness. Modern marine liner shows self-confidence and ability to always stay afloat. On top of that, you can explore a myriad of other graphics, including a paper boat, steering wheel, steamer wheel, etc.

What colors to use

Traditional colors for a boat logo include shades of navy blue, azure, green, and yellow. They stands for all things related to sea and nature in general. You can’t go wrong by using white. It’s a common color of many boats and ships. Not using a sea-themed icon opens up a plethora of color choices, including red, black, grey, etc. The main thing that your color palette goes in line with your brand personality.

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