Symbolic meaning

A roof gives you a sense of being protected from the dangers of the outside world. In its broader meaning, a roof is associated with harmony, balance, and peace. By using roof imagery in their logos, companies channel their customers’ need for safety. It’s a great option for construction companies, producers of roofing materials, and brands developing safety solutions.

What brands use a roof logo

On the Metro Roof logo, on can see the company abbreviation combined with a roof and shining sun. The multibrand organization Red Roof opted for two red lines forming a neat roof. The emblem of the Australia-based Roof Hospital features a worker standing on the roof of a house. For its corporate design, Mikku & Sons Roofing combined several geometric shapes into a roof.

What images to choose

Your most obvious choice is a traditional gable roof. To create this recognizable and straightforward symbol, you simply need to cross two straight lines under a sharp angle. Your audience are sure to read the meaning behind your illustration, even if it’s minimalist one. Additional items include a chimney pipe, attic window, worker standing on the roof, etc. If your logo has enough free space, you can incorporate an entire house and highlight its roof through a vibrant color.

What colors to choose

Your color palette is determined by the message you want to communicate to your audience. For example, if your company develops safety solutions, you should stick with shades of blue silver, and gray. If you produce eco-friendly roofing materials, don’t be shy to showcase your responsible attitude through green color. Read and yellow are ideal choices for grabbing and retaining a viewer’s attention. If you’re looking for a safe and versatile color solution, go for black and white or blue and white.

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