Symbolic meaning

Spear can stand for courage, decisiveness, and even aggression. At the same time, it can symbolize power, victory, achievement, and strive. Sometimes, it can be used as a metaphor for the world axis. Bravery and determination are strong emotional connotations which are valued by many brands. For this reason, the image of a spear is widely used by military organizations, security companies, missile manufacturers, consulting agencies, social organizations, and many others.

What brands use a spear logo

SPEAR A CALIBRE Company partners with federal agencies and other important organizations. On the company logo, you can see an impactful illustration of a sharp spear head. A flying spear embellishes the logo of Spear Marketing Group, communicating the company’s sense of achievement. On the emblem of Spear Power Systems, you can see spear-like lightings that stand for energy and dynamics. The investment company Spear REIT Limited decided to play it safe and opted for the classic visualization of the weapon.

What images to choose

There are many ways to depict a spear. You can create an abstract drawing (great choice for IT companies) or detailed, elaborate image (e.g., spear embellished with carvings and precious stones). A spear will look good combined with a text-based logo. For example, it might be a smart move to replace a letter (or its part) with a stylized image of the weapon. If you’re into abstraction, try to find a smart way to transcend the right associations through your image. For example, several lines of different length can convey the idea of speed and movement.

What colors to choose

When composing a color palette for your spear logo, focus on the meaning you want to communicate to your audience. For example, use shades of blue to highlight your company’s weight and authority. Opt for red to convey energy, perseverance, and inspiration. Painted yellow, your emblem will be giving off cheerful and enthusiastic vibes. Alternatively, you can rely on hidden, indirect associations. For example, if you sell organic foods, you can paint your spear green, the traditional color of nature, health and serenity.

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