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For a security company, a logo is a proof of its reliability and competence. Your corporate sign must make people believe that you have the knowledge and skills to protect their homes and offices from any harm. Security logos are often used on warning signs saying that a house or other premises are protected and surveilled. It’s a great way to keep potential offenders and trespassers at bay.

What companies use?

G4S Plc, a global leader in the security services maret, has a text-based logo which is aptly enhanced through bold shades of black, white and red. In the minimalist and clean emblem for Securitas AB, you can see three red dots above the brand name. The GardaWorld company uses a logotype with an eye-catching red and grey sans-serif font. The Brink’s Company put several vertical lines in front of letter B.

How to choose the right elements?

In their branding, security companies tend to use strong and even threatening images, such as swords, shields, cannons, knights, predators, spiders, birds of prey, and the like. On top of that, you can come across icons that feature an eye, video camera, guard, wings, and other items associated with safety. Some security emblems end up looking like badges and labels worn by military people and police officers.

How to choose the right colors?

Start with exploring saturated, contrasting colors. It’s the best way to give your logo a voice and make it say, “Don’t come close, I’m dangerous”. Most companies tend to use black, red, blue, and yellow hues.

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