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A political logo design is a meaningful visual symbol whose goal is to reach out to a big audience. It must build trust, attract potential advocates of your political party, and speak about your goals and values. On top of that, a smart political logo must be visually concise and memorable. Read more on how to craft a catchy emblem for your political party or organization.

How to choose the right elements?

The most common images for politics include illustrations of animals, national flags, abstract shapes and patterns associated with a specific political course or universal human values. If a party name includes the name of its founder, it makes sense to create a text-based logo. The main thing here is to pick a clever font that will emphasize your self-confidence and perseverance. Concentrate on bright, catchy colors which are associated with power, authority, competence, patriotism, and hope for a better future. Also, consider using the shades of your national flag (if this is allowed by the local legislation).

What companies use?

The official logo for the Democratic Party of the US is a blue letter D put inside a circle which resembles a shield. In a text-based logo for the Republican Party, you can see an elephant (an unofficial mascot) which makes a part of letter O. In 2015, the Libertarian Party came up with a new emblem that features a spectacular torch in the form of an eagle. The National Congress of India uses the image of a palm against the national flag. In the logo for the Workers’ Party of Korea, you can see a pickaxe, hammer, and paintbrush.

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