Symbolic meaning

Lock is an ancient item. The first prototype of the modern lock dates way back to the BC times. In Ancient Egypt, locks were used to protect treasuries. The main meaning behind a lock is safety. Also, a lock was used in multiple rituals, symbolizing the idea of keeping your problems at bay by locking them. Lock logos are used by security companies, manufacturers, and online services.

What brands use a lock logo

BBL Security Products is a company that produces locks. On its emblem, you can see a lock added to the last letter in the company abbreviation. Lock-in Marketing uses a smart design technique to turn a heart into a lock. Lock It Up Self Storage uses the silhouette of a lock as well. A similar design solution is used by Minneapolis Lock & Key, a celebrated security company. The emblem of A1 Lock & Key features an old lock and keys. On the logo of Pad Lock Security Locksmith, you can see a closed lock that looks like a house.

What images to choose

The image of a traditional padlock is a widely recognized symbol that can evoke the right associations even if used on its own. Also, you can benefit from additional elements, such as keyhole and keys. Don’t be afraid to experiment with shape. For example, a lock in the form of a car will suit a business that develops safety solutions for vehicles. Another interesting idea is to make a letter in your company name look like a lock. The options are endless!

What colors to choose

The main connotation behind a lock is safety. The best colors to transcend this idea are blue (trust, comfort) and silver (stands for durable metallic constructions). Some hues are major no-goes. For example, steer clear of brown due to avoid associations with rust. (No one wants a rusty lock, right?) Many brands prefer to play it safe by using the black and white palette which never goes out of style.

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