General information

Gun is a common type of weapon designed to be readily carried and hit targets located up to 50 meters from the shooter. A gun is an indispensable type of weapon used by police forces, intelligence services, and special forces units across the globe. Also, a gun is a common weapon used in video games, amateur and professional shooting clubs.

What brands use a gun logo

Due to its peculiar nature, gun imagery can only be used by brands and companies that have to do with production and application of weapons. Sometimes, you can see a gun on logos of amusement parks and entertainment events. It’s a great choice for a security company, weapons manufacturer, weapons store, shooting range, training center, weapons-related festival or event.

What images to choose

A gun and its elements (handle, barrel, trigger, etc.) are well recognized by different audiences. This allows you to create a simple emblem without too many minor details. As a reference to ancient coats of arms, designers often depict crossed guns on a logo. Also, think about the type of a gun you’re going to use. For example, if you’re promoting a Wild West-themed festival, a revolver is your best choice.

What colors to choose

Most gun logos feature dark shades that recreate the signature shining of steel. For a simple, succinct design, use one primary color. Your best options are white, grey, or black. If you’re working on an emblem for an entertainment venue or event, go for more cheerful colors. This way, you’ll be able to avoid negative associations and render your design more jovial. Want to play it safe? The classic black and white palette is always a way to go.

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