Symbolic meaning

The word “East” is used to define multiple cultures that originated in the same geographic region but have some major differences. For example, the Mongolians profess Islam while neighboring China is the cradle of Taoism and Confucianism.

What industries use?

For the most part, the oriental theme is exploited by restaurants and bars that specialize in Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, or other Asian cuisines. Public catering is not the only industry obsessed with the Eastern motives. With the growing popularity of Feng Shui, design studios have also taken to China-themed emblems. Before designing your oriental logo, you must focus on one country whose traditions you want to convey through your brand identity.

How to choose the right elements?

If you’ve opted for the oriental theme for your logo design, forget about baroque, rococo, and similar decorative styles that shaped the European culture. Instead, explore the Eastern tradition with its sophisticated hieroglyphs, sketchy strokes, and slightly curved lines.

How to choose the right colors?

When crafting a color palette for your logo, say “no” to screaming hues that create the feelings of unrest and excitement. Each Asian country has its color code. While Japan is traditionally associated with black, white, and red, the Chinese prefer black and golden. In India, dominant colors include orange and green. Regardless of the shades you are using, make sure your color scheme is subtle. To learn more about the colors and shapes typical for the East, take a look at the national flags of Japan, China, India, Vietnam, and other Asian countries.

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