Symbolic meaning

A crown as a symbol of supreme power has evolved from less sophisticated royal items, such as a wreath, tiara, and gold bar.

What industries use?

Placing a crown on your corporate logo is a straightforward way to say that you’re a serious market player that must be reckoned with. The owner of a crown is a confident leader that strives for dominance. Nowadays, diadem is used by both established brands and no-name businesses determined to work hard for success. The royal theme goes well with companies specializing in expensive apparel and accessories, jewelry, and fine spirits. Despite its European roots, a diadem has conquered the hearts of Asian entrepreneurs. Take a look at the beautiful logo of Royal Brunei Airline. It’s a fine example of how a crown can be merged with oriental patterns to create a balanced composition.

How to choose the right colors?

If you’re into the royal theme, pairing the image of a diadem with intricate rococo patterns might result in a stunning emblem. As for the background, go for red, scarlet, pink or black. What about the color of the crown itself? Follow the tradition and paint it silver or golden. Think twice before applying colors that lack royal vibes (yellow, white, blue, brown, etc.)

What companies use?

Rolex, Crown Wine Shipping, Golden Crown Hotel, and other major brands all look good with a crown!

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