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General information

Cannon is a popular artillery weapon which was used for military purposes. A few centuries ago, a cannon became a heraldic symbol, embellishing coats of arms of affluent families and cities. Cannon is traditionally associated with its destructive power that usually determined the outcome of a battle. Although cannons are no longer used in the modern military, their symbolism is as strong as ever. The striking image of a cannon can be seen on logos of design studios, sporting clubs, equipment manufacturers, etc.

Cannon Ballers Logo
Calgary Cannons Logo
Cannon Brewpub Logo
Cannons Castlemaine Logo

Arsenal Cannon Logo

What brands use a cannon logo

Let’s start with one of the most recognizable cannon emblems, that of the Arsenal Cannon football club. It features a spectacular golden cannon against a red shield. On the logo used by the recreation center Cannon Club, you can see a cannon with a burning fuse. It seems like the deadly weapon is about to shoot, blowing the enemy to pieces! Water Cannon, a supplier of cleaning and washing solutions, uses a text-based logo enhanced with a silhouette of a water cannon. The Cannon company went a step further and packed its logo with multiple graphics, including a cannon, a star, and letter C stylized to resemble a wheel.

Cannon Club’s Logo
Water Cannon Logo
The Cannon Logo

What images to choose

You can choose between a minimalist and more sophisticated cannon icons. Most of the time, a cannon is visualized as a wheel and a long line narrowing towards the end. Feel free to spice up this image with more details, e.g. cannon balls, fuse, flames, and lines symbolizing a shot. For a minimalist illustration, play around with abstract graphics, e.g. slanted straight line and a point in the middle.

Columbus Blue Jackets Logo
Energy Cannon Logo
Fire The Cannon Logo
Jacksonville Cannons Logo

Tampa Bay Cannons Logo

What colors to choose

One of the main goals of a logo is to convey your business idea and introduce your brand to the audience. To make everything click, you need to think about different parts of your emblem, from icons, to arrangement, to colors. Colors work on a subconscious level. When choosing the best shades for your corporate symbol, educate yourself on the hidden meanings of each color. For example, not only does red convey your company’s decisiveness and vigor, but it can also urge your potential clients to act in a certain way. At the same time, blue is all about concentration and sensibility. The good news is that a cannon will look good with any palette, whether it’s the timeless black and white scheme, or bold color combinations. The main thing is that your selected color solution reflects your company personality. To showcase your vitality and readiness for action, use shades of red. White is an ideal choice for demonstrating your reasonable and balanced approach to doing business. Many brands succeed in conveying the right message using delicate hues of blue and grey.

Nation Cannon Logo
North County Cannons Logo
Petit Canon Logo

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Amazing Circus Logaster logo
Bomber Squad Logaster logo
Cannon Balls Logaster logo
Cannon Fodder Logaster logo
Cannon Rush Logaster logo
Cannon Troops Logaster logo
Gunner Logaster logo
Hard Strike Logaster logo
Republican Artillery Logaster logo
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