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Bow is a type of throwing weapon which was used for hunting and fighting from the ancient times all the way till the late Middle Ages. With time, it was replaced by firearms. Nowadays, bows are only used in sports. Along with its direct symbolic meaning (courage, accuracy, valiance, etc.), a bow paired with an arrow also has a romantic connotation. A Cupid pierces people’s hearts with golden arrows sent from his magnificent bow. Modern businesses use the vast array of meanings behind a bow to create stunning and deep emblems.

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What brands use a bow logo

A bow logo is a great visual solution for companies involved in manufacturing and selling weapons and training centers for bowmen. Feel free to use this image on a emblem of a sports competition or historic festival. Manufacturers of cosmetics and lingerie can benefit from the image of the knavish Cupid aiming at his next “victim”.

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What images to choose

The most common images include a bow, arrow (or arrows), shooter silhouette, and some others. You don’t need to elaborate your design with too many details. Since a bow is an easily identified symbol, even a sketchy drawing will be able to communicate your message. To highlight courage and valor, use the traditional depiction of a bow. To make your logo give off romantic vibes, enhance your bow with intricate carvings and additional items, such as flowers, ribbons, barocco elements, etc.

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What colors to choose

To draw a bow and arrows, use thin, delicate lines. Be careful, though. Make sure your emblem remains legible and recognizable across different surfaces. Feel free to use the classic black and white palette or more vibrant colors. Warm yellow shades or navy blue? You decide! For a Cupid with a bow, use shades of orange, pink, or red. At the same time, many companies choose to stick with their corporate palette for their bow emblem.

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