General information

Armor is one of the main symbols of the Middle Ages. Armor served to protect its owner from deadly wounds in competitions and battles. Costly and hard to make, armor was only available to the upper classes. Later armor became an attribute of knights and warriors coming from affluent and noble families. With the invention of firearms, armor became a thing of the past. Although not used anymore, armor remains a timeless symbol of safety, protection, and military valor.

What brands use an armor logo

Armor Express, a renowned manufacturer and supplier of safety equipment and accessories, uses a gorget with the brand acronym written on it. The logo of Smart Armor, an expert in IT solutions, resembles a shield and printed circuit board. The emblem of Optic Armor Performance Windows uses a shield as a background for the company name. To promote its new product Armor All, Energizer Auto came up with a heavily armored warrior mascot with a mighty shield.

What images to choose

When designing an armor logo, stick with easily recognized parts of armor, such as gorget, helmet, gloves, shield, etc. An armored knight is also a great option. Associated with safety and stability, this image is popular among security agencies, military departments, high-tech solution developers, and the like. The silhouette of an armored warrior is also used by historic museums, medieval festivals and events.

What colors to choose

The best thing you can do is to create a color palette that would imitate the cold shining of steel. However, this solution won’t suit any brand. Using armor as your focal image doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from bright colors. Opt for orange to communicate determination and strong will. Draw from the powerful energy of red to create an active, dynamic image. If you have a simple logo in mind, you can always use the never-dying combinations of black and white or blue and white.

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