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Out of a quite unremarkable part of a ship, an anchor has become a powerful, globally recognized symbol and even object of worship. Back in time, an anchor was depicted on coins, coats of arms, and medals. Nowadays, an anchor is a common visual image when it comes to branding and promoting online services, e-commerce stores, and other brands. An anchor has a rich, multifaceted meaning. It’s associated with hope, valiant sailors, sea voyages, distant countries, exciting discoveries, and ability to face challenges. Plus, an anchor is viewed as a symbol of safety, stability, joy, and peace.

What brands use an anchor logo

Anchor Hocking, a celebrated dishware producer, found a clever way to work an anchor into the middle of its brand name. On their emblem, Anchor Podcast paired a wireless signal icon and abstract image of an anchor. Anchor Bank placed a hand-drawn blue and white anchor close to their name. The established watch company Ulysse Nardin used an anchor to split the two words in its brand name. You can see this succinct yet impressive emblem across all products of the brand.

What images to use

Luckily for designers, an anchor has a simple, easily identifiable silhouette that doesn’t need too much elaboration. Even a minimalist image is enough to create the right associations. While some businesses display an entire anchor, others opt for its part, e.g. shank or “horns”. Feel free to use an anchor to enhance your text-based logo or replace a letter in your brand name. If you’re up for experiments, you can doodle a couple of abstract anchor drawings and then choose the best one.

What colors to choose

If your business has to do with sea voyages or transportation, your best color choice includes shades of navy blue and green. To communicate reliability and safety, it might be a good idea to recreate the stunning color of steel by using grey gradients. The rule of thumb is this: to choose the suitable colors, you first need to understand what it is that you want to say through your visual image and what message you want to send to your target audience.

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