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Logos for legal and governmental institutions have a special status. Those are mainly used by state agencies, law firms, private detectives, notary offices, legal associations, and other serious agencies. The main function of a legal logo is to build a trustful relationship with the audience, as well as translate professionalism and authority. Legal logos often feature the official symbols of the country they’re used in, such as a coat of arms, national flag, etc. The justice scale and gavel are two common images used in this field.

US Law Shield Logo
Family Shield Logo
FSO Logo
National Guard Logo

Logistics Division Logo

How to choose the right elements?

When it comes to government emblfems, one immediately thinks of the national images that have a historical value for the country (sacred animals, heraldic symbols, crown, rod, etc.). As for legal institutions, they mostly use the justice scale, gavel, and abstract patterns. Each symbol has a deep meaning, so be sure to study all the connotations before making a choice. At the same time, it would be a mistake to think that legal logos are conservative and boring. Just like their counterparts from other industries, law-related emblems use modern tricks to catch the attention of the audience. The main thing is to know what exactly you want to achieve by using a certain visual effect.

National Guard Russia Logo
Crown Logo
Prokuratura Logo

How to choose the right colors?

If you’re creating a government logo, the most obvious choice is to use the colors of the national flag. Regardless of your color choice, don’t overdo it with the number of shades. Two or three hues will be more than enough. As for legal emblems, opt for reserved colors, such as navy blue, black, grey, and brown. These colors are good at communicating such connotations as reliability and safety.

Rothschild Logo
Sustain Support Defend Logo
Aeronautica Militare Logo
Vanguard Logo

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