General information

Weightlifting is an Olympic sport. The main goal of the athlete is to raise the grip above his head, completing two basic exercises. Given the focus of this classic sports discipline, federations, national teams, competitions of various levels, and manufacturers of equipment for weightlifters all need branding. The logo is the most important element that provides recognition and uniqueness and that creates the necessary associations.

Who uses it?

Considering examples of national federations’ symbols, it is worth mentioning the USA Weightlifting logo, which depicts the silhouette of a weightlifter. The upper part of the logo forms a stylized grip with disks. For the European Championship, which was held in Batumi in 2019, the following logo was created: grip discs with two silhouettes of dolphins (they are unofficial symbols of the city). In the text logo of the sports equipment manufacturer RN-Sport, the weightlifter sign is encrypted. An athlete with a barbell against the backdrop of a megalopolis of skyscrapers is depicted on the InnerCity Weightlifting charity project logo.

Which elements to choose?

Most weightlifting logos depict traditional symbols of the sports discipline: a barbell, disks, the silhouette of an athlete. These provide the right associations. The logo can be supplemented with national symbols or details that have a clear associative series (peace dove, laurel wreath, etc.). To avoid repetition, abstractions are sometimes used to create modern characters. By combining unusual elements and lines, you can create a recognizable and unique pattern.

Which colors to choose?

If the logo is for a federation, team, or championship, it is often supplemented with the national colors (the country representing the athlete or hosting the competition). In general, traditional colors for sports symbols are common: white, red, green, blue. Red is on almost all logos, as it is the color of strength, energy, and high ambition. It matches the mood of athletes in this discipline. Logos (especially text logos) also use a simple black-and-white combination.

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