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General information

Surfing is a sport for the brave. To succeed in this sport, you must be perfectly fit and in complete control of your body. Surfing is all about conquering the waves and facing the unknown. A surfing emblem can stand for courage, endurance, and discipline. It’s widely used by manufacturers of surfboards and other sporting equipment, sports teams, surfing clubs, and other brands directly or indirectly related to this sport.

Red Bull Wave Surf Logo
Bic Sport Surf Logo
Irie Ocean Logo
Kahlua Surfing Logo

Saltbush Surf Logo

What brands use a surfboard logo

The logo for the Soul Surf club is a smart image that fuses a surfboard and a fish into a balanced and cohesive design. Ocean Magic boasts a stunning combination mark. In it, the company name is combined with a sketchy silhouette of a surfer. In the logo for the Australian club Saltbush Surf, you can see a funny kangaroo with a surfboard. As for the Muskoka Surfboard Company manufacturer, it has a very concise yet expressive symbol. It features the company name branded on a surfboard.

Soul Surf Logo
Ocean Magic — The Factory Logo
Muskoka Wood Logo

What images to choose

Focus on the icons traditionally associated with the surfboarding sport, such as an ocean, wave, surfer, and board itself. More graphics include the sun, the beach, and the like. Add abstract drawings to create movement vibes, e.g., lines of different lengths. As for typefaces, you can choose from a myriad of options, from classic fonts to sophisticated handwritten solutions.

Surf Sup Logo
Surfing Logo
Vans US Open Logo
Wave Surfing Logo

Surf Life Logo

What colors to choose

The appropriate color scheme for a surfing logo consists of natural hues, such as yellow, brown, white, dark blue, and azure. These are shades of wood, sun, beach sand, sea waves, and clear sky. You can also add red, the color of movement and extreme. Black-and-white emblems are also quite common. Versatile and practical, they look good on a variety of surfaces. Feel free to incorporate the colors of your national flag or coat of arms.

Pukana Surf Logo
Surfing Australia Logo
Surf Wave Logo

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Surf School Logaster logo
All for Surfing Logaster logo
No Surfing Logaster logo
Rental Surf Board Logaster logo
Ride The Wave Logaster logo
Surf Club Logaster logo
Surfer Bar Logaster logo
Surfing Day Logaster logo
Surf Life Logaster logo
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