General information

Ski resorts, equipment manufacturers, sports federations, professional and amateur teams, and schools—many organizations and companies are concentrated around this sport and hobby. They need branding to stand out from their competitors and to be remembered by the target audience. The ski logo is one of the most effective elements of a brand, team, or sports organization. It will quickly awaken the necessary associations and, if necessary, emphasize competitive advantages.

Who uses it?

The logo of the International Ski Federation (FIS) is concise: the abbreviation crossed by two ski lanes painted in the colors of the national flag of Switzerland (FIS’s homeland). Silhouettes of the three mountains and the ski are used as a logo for the competition, Ski Tour 2020. Mountains traced in detail are depicted on the logo of the Victory School, a Ukrainian school for extreme sports. The Ski Academy in Andermatt used the symbol of a racing skier, combining it with a text logo for its branding.

Which elements to choose?

Traditional images that evoke direct associations with sports and passion are used to create a ski logo. These are skis and ski poles, mountains, skiing, and silhouettes of athletes. For branding sports teams and federations, you can use elements of national symbols. The logo of ski resorts is often supplemented with local symbols—for example, images of pines, maple leaves, birds, bears, etc. Elements can also be general: a snowflake or sun over mountain slopes.

Which colors to choose?

The traditional color scheme for ski logos is a combination of shades of white, blue, or pale blue, symbolizing snow on the hillsides. Such colors are also used to depict the silhouettes of athletes. In addition, you can use shades of yellow and red, symbolizing the sun. The colors of the national flag are added to some logos (especially for logos of sports teams or races). In text logos, black-and-white or blue-and-white color schemes are predominantly used.

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