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Skates are a popular sporting accessoire. There are two main type of stakes, those with blades for ice skating and roller skates. Skates are a very particular image. If your company is not related to sports or outdoor activities, skates on your logo will look out of place. Skates emblems are is common among manufacturers of sporting equipment, sports teams and clubs, stores selling sporting accessories, and the like.

British Ice Skating Logo
High Rollers Logo
Ottawa Pacers Logo
Proskatershop Logo

McFetridge Sports Center Logo

What brands use a skates logo

The Skatetown logo features a minimalist black-and-white image of a roller skate. The Locoskates emblem has an original idea behind it, with the skates and the brand name drawn by the same continuous line. A similar solution is used by the Pro Skatershop online store. The McFetridge Sports Center draws from the figure skating theme to craft its emblem. In the logo for Millennium Skate World, you can see a pair of skates combined with graphics symbolizing fast movement.

Skatetown Logo
Locoskates Logo
Millennium Skate World Logo

What images to choose

Use icons that will help your potential customers quickly understand the essence of your business. If you don’t want to use the images of skates or blades, go for abstract shapes that convey the right qualities, characteristics, and emotions. The best options is to choose graphics that symbolize movement and speed. Feel free to combine illustrations with text.

Roll Out Logo
Rollerskate Lausanne Logo
Roller Skates Derbi Logo
Roller Skates Logo

Skate in The City Logo

What colors to choose

Many of the well-known skates logos rely on the classic black-and-white palette. It’s a great way to empathise love for sports and strive for perfection. To add color to you logo, go for red (stands for speed), white (stands for honesty), and blue (stands for balance and trust). Note that blue is particularly important since both ice and roller skating heavily rely on a person's ability to keep balance and control their body.

Skatechampions Logo
Skate School Logo
US Figure Skating Logo

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