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General information

Auto racing is a common term that describes different categories of motorsports. The result depends on the team efforts and the participants’ professionalism. These qualities can be reflected when one is working on a racing logo. It may be needed by a team, federation, race organizer, equipment manufacturer, or company specializing in the technical preparation of vehicles.

Mersedes F1 Logo
Alfa Romeo Logo
American Drag Racing League Logo
American Racing Logo

Formula1 Logo

Who uses it?

The National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) has a text logo. The multi-colored background symbolizes the countries included in the association. The Formula 1 logo depicts three concise lines that make up the recognizable abbreviation "F1." The Russian racing team ALEX Motorsports created a logo with the founders’ initials, a silhouette of a car, and elements that demonstrate movement and speed. The McLaren team has a simple text logo with a neutral visual element.

Nascar Logo
Mc Laren Logo
Sky Motorsport Logo

Which elements to choose?

For a racing logo, elements that have a direct association with this sport are chosen, e.g., a car, the helmet of a racer, and a checkered flag. Elements that emphasize speed, movement, and swiftness are also often used, such as horizontal lines of different lengths. It is possible to use national symbols if the logo is created for a league, competition, or team. Text logo formats are common in combination with concise abstract symbols.

24h Le Mans Logo
Ferrari Logo
Ford Racing Logo
Red Bull Racing Logo

Red Bull Logo

Which colors to choose?

Many racing logos are decorated in red and blue. Red emphasizes the speed, excitement, and emotions associated with the race. Blue is the color of the balance and discretion that the team needs to complete the race. Black and white are also common. For example, white looks good and noticeable on the red suits of team members. When developing a racing logo, it is better to focus on a bright, rich color scheme, as the nature of the sport itself suggests this.

Renault T1 Logo
Toro Rosso Logo
Wreck Racing Logo

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