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General information

Golf is a popular sport with a long history. For many years, it has been developed into a sport for VIPs: private clubs, fields at expensive resorts and protected areas, premium sports equipment, etc. This should be taken into account when one is developing a logo for golf. The emphasis can be placed on both the elitism and tradition of this sport, as well as on the features of the game: leisure, accuracy, and the grace of movement.

Golf Course Logo
Brittany Golf Logo
Cleveland Golf Logo
Golf Club Logo

Topgolf Logo

Who uses it?

The logo for the world-famous Top Golf club has a symbolic image of a hole and a flag. A similar solution was chosen for the Masters golf logo: a green (part of the field), a hole, and a checkbox next to it. The Amber Baltic Golf Club logo resembles a coat of arms: crossed clubs and a ball on a tee (a stand) are combined in a classic frame. The Golf Stream club logo is text-symbolic: The image of the flag separates the two words of the name. The central element of the logo for the Russian National Golf Center (RNGC) depicts the capital letter G (as the first letter in the word “golf”).

Masters Golf Logo
Amber Baltic Golf Club Logo
Golf Stream Logo

Which elements to choose?

Traditional golf logo symbols are clubs, balls, holes, checkboxes, fields, and silhouettes of players with clubs. Any of them can be used to achieve direct associations. If such solutions seem too obvious, you can experiment with abstract elements. They must symbolize the nature and mood of this game. When developing a text logo, you can try the classic headset, emphasizing the great history and special status of the game.

Golf Club Country Logo
Green Hole Logo
Junior Golf Logo
Mossy Oak Golf Logo

Us Kids Golf Logo

Which colors to choose?

In most cases, a golf logo is characterized by a light, neutral color scheme. Analyzing the symbols of clubs and equipment manufacturers, you can notice the accents on green (field color), blue, yellow (sky, sun), and white (ball, clubs, suits, cleanliness) shades. Colors create associations with mood and the game’s features. Golf provides you with the opportunity to have a good time, without fuss. These qualities should be emphasized when one is choosing colors for the logo. Therefore, bold, “flashy,” saturated shades are rarely used.

Rancho Park Logo
Us Open Logo
Vietnam Golf Logo

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