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General information

Baseball is a popular sport in 120 countries. Over the years, it has become a large industry in terms of reach and popularity, just like football in Europe. It covers teams, leagues, manufacturers of sports equipment, specialized publications, media, film production, and much more. Softball logos provide the necessary associations and highlight the unique differences that are so necessary for this competitor-rich niche. The logos of famous teams have long been transformed into national symbols.

Southeastern League Logo
Baseball Australia Logo
Colleyville Baseball Logo
Homerun Baseball Logo

Major League Baseball Logo

Who uses it?

The Major League Baseball logo has a classic red-blue symbol with a white silhouette of a baseball player. Though it was created in the 1960s, this logo is still one of the most famous. The same refers to the logos of the teams included in the Major League, such as the Houston Astros (letter “H” with a star on its background), Chicago White Sox (intertwined letters of the word “Sox”), Detroit Tigers (graphically encrypted letters), Los Angeles Angels (letter “A” with a halo), Toronto Blue Jays (blue jay), and many others.

Houston Astros Logo
Chicago White Sox Logo
Detroit Tigers Logo

Which elements to choose?

Details that evoke associations with this sport, such as bats, distinctive white balls with red stitches, helmets, gloves, and players’ silhouettes, can be used for a baseball logo. As for the baseball teams, they often choose the text format of the logo: They use the first letters of the name and create unusual graphic combinations. Details of national or regional symbols are also in demand. If the logo is needed for a manufacturer, a sports cafe, or another brand, it is better to concentrate on the visual elements of this sport.

World Baseball Logo
Italian Baseball League Logo
Los Angeles Angels Logo
Mid America Logo

Yankees Logo

Which colors to choose?

Existing softball logos do not show a clear color trend. On the contrary, they try to make the symbol of each team unique, to get as far away as possible from already implemented ideas. You can use colors that are traditional for sports symbols, i.e., red, blue, black, and white. You can also add the colors of the national symbols of the country. It is important to not reproduce implemented solutions, as well-known team symbols are protected by copyright (this also applies to their colors).

Sluggers Atlanta Logo
Toronto Blue Jays Logo
USA Baseball Logo

How to create your own baseball logo?

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