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General information

Track and field is the general name for the Olympic discipline that includes running, jumping, walking, and throwing. This is the most popular sports category, and both professionals and amateurs are involved in track and field. It is also one of the disciplines included in school physical education programs in different countries. A logo for track and field may be needed by a local league, competition, championship, team, or equipment manufacturer. Regardless of the purpose, it is important to emphasize such qualities as speed, strength, and determination in a symbol.

Athletic Logo
Athletics Australia Logo
British Athletics Logo
England Athletics Logo

Iaaf Logo

Who uses it?

The logo of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) is a triumphant athlete with a running track in the background. Several symbols are included in the logo, emphasizing the importance and direction of the organization. The Polanik manufacturer of sports equipment also uses abstract elements, creating a thrower symbol. For the world championship, Nanjing 2020 created a logo with the silhouette of an athlete against the backdrop of the city's attractions. A bird surrounded by a symbolic running track is on the logo of Athletics SA.

Polanik Logo
Nanjing2020 Logo
Athletics Sa Logo

Which elements to choose?

A logo for track and field can evoke associations with continuous movement, swiftness, and the will to win. These features are conveyed through depictions of running, tossing, and jumping athletes. Given the current trend toward simplification, silhouettes or abstract elements are used, creating the necessary visual range. The logo may also contain traditional details for the sport: a running track, vaulting pole, spear, etc. If a symbol is created for a team or federation, you can include national symbols in the logo.

World Athletics Logo
European Athletics Logo
Galaxy Athletics Logo
Little Athletics Logo

Paris2020 Logo

Which colors to choose?

The official logos of teams and leagues often use the colors of the national flag of the country. This is convenient because it allows you to quickly identify athletes. In other cases, the emphasis is on colors that emphasize the swiftness, dexterity, and other qualities of this sport. Use shades of red and white, or add green or terracotta (the colors of the stadium and running track coatings). In general, any color scheme is possible, but it is better to choose bright and saturated colors.

Oakland Logo
Run Athletics Logo
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