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General information

The idea of “zombies” can be traced back to the African religion. However, the now iconic “living dead” are the product of the American mass culture. Zombies are featured in a variety of films, video games, books, comics, etc. Zombie logos are widely used by game developers, musicians, event organizers, and even manufacturing companies. Also, zombies can be often seen on fan merchandise.

Green Zombie Logo
Scouts vs Zombies Logo
White Zombie Logo
Zombie Apocalypse Logo

Plants vs Zombies Logo

Who brands use a zombie logo

Musician Rob Zombie has a text-based logo with a distinctive, memorable font. The artist used his striking branning to create a unique subculture. Zombie emblems are mostly logotypes, with or without mascots and other graphic elements. For example, in the logo for the Plants vs. Zombies game, the game name “stands” on the imaginary lawn. For its branding, the Zombie Walk SP flash mob used the spectacular image of the walking dead with their hands in the air.

Rob Zombie Logo
Zombie Walk SP Logo
Bloody Zombies Logo

What images to choose

When it comes to zombie logos, even a minor detail counts. Since zombies are a very sensitive topic, it’s your responsibility as a business owner to consider the specifics of your target audience. If you have a mass production brand, go for a text-based logo with a custom typeface. If your is targeted at a narrow category of consumers, freel free to add more graphics, such as a scary face, hand sticking out of the grave, etc. The exact image depends on your goal. If your purpose to scare and shock the audience, use a sophisticated image drawn with a high level of detail.

Team Zombie Logo
Zombie Beer Logo
Zombie Hnter Logo
Zombie Hunt Logo

Zombie Coffee Donuts Logo

What colors to choose

The common colors for a zombie logo include shades of green and grey. These hues are associated with mold and rot which characterize the “living dead”. Also, consider adding red, yellow, black, and white to liven up the picture. The above-mentioned colors are suitable for both graphic- and text-based logos. On top of that, designers often use a combination of black, white, and dark grey shades to create ominous vibes. Another successful palette includes black and green.

Zombie Army Trilogy Logo
Zombie Infection Logo
Zombie Run Logo

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Grave Logaster logo
Brain Dead Logaster logo
Dead Zone Logaster logo
Funky Zombie Logaster logo
Infection Logaster logo
Survival Test Logaster logo
Undead Logaster logo
Z Nation Logaster logo
Zombie Land Logaster logo
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