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Symbolic meaning

The sign is associated with movement, flight, thought, imagination, and spirituality. Taoism says that wings grow out of the enlightened, Christians believe in winged angels, Plato wrote about the growth of the wings of the soul while contemplating beauty.

Rochester Red Wings Logo
Aberdeen Wings Logo
Blue Wings Logo
Buffalo Wild Wings Logo

Harley Davidson Logo

What industries use?

Wings are often used in advertisements because they are endowed with not only symbolism but also look beautiful. Such a logo sets customers to the fact that the product with this sign will be of high quality. Automakers, often use them on emblems, hinting that when buying a car, you gain power, speed, dynamics, and independence.

Dallas Wings Logo
Echesketch Logo
G Wings Logo

What companies use?

We recommend that you inscribe the name and slogan in the symbol itself, rather than write over it or around it. Bentley used this format in their brand. Wings are used in the logos of Weezer, Van Halen, and Falcon. Absolutely different enterprises, clinging wings to the main image which makes it more sublime. Rock bands began to complement their logos with wings after the appearance of Aerosmith.

Weezer Logo
Aerosmith Logo
Bentley Wings Logo
Van Halen Logo

Chrysler Wings Logo

How to choose the right colors?

The color filling of such a logo should not be suppressed with dark colors (black, dark blue), unless it is a combination of black and metallic or gold, like that of Chrysler. Blue will look good in light (heavenly) tones with partial blurriness, without clearly traced edges.

Biker's Helping Hand Logo
War Wings Logo
Wings Logo

How do I create a wing logo for my brand?

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