Symbolic meaning

Valkyrie originated in the Scandinavian mythology. It’s a courageous, adventurous woman, the daughter of Odin. She rides a winged horse and carries out her father’s orders. In modern culture, Valkyrie is a symbol of courage, determination, and perseverance. If you want to emphasize these qualities through your logo, you can’t do better than Valkyrie. A Valkyrie logo will be a great choice for manufacturers, sports teams, software and video game developers, clothing brands, etc. If your company targets a female audience, be sure to use this strong symbol to enhance your branding.

What brands use a valkyrie logo

A logo for the clothing brand Velvet Valkyrie is among the best examples of Valkyrie-themed emblems. In it, you can see the fearless Valkyrie wearing a stunning winged helmet. The image of the goddess is concise yet instantly recognizable. Valkyrie Labs, a renowned developer of augmented reality solutions, also made Valkyrie’s winged helmet the key element of their logo. The high-tech brand Valkyrie Industries uses an abstract symbol that resembles an inverted triangle. The female sports team Valkyrie Ultimate opted for a winged letter V. The Valkyrie Performance company built its branding around the image of a woman warrior.

What images to choose

When it comes to a Valkyrie-themed emblem, the most common images include wings, letter V (also the global victory symbol), helmet, winged horse, and strong-willed woman. Each of these icons has the power to create the right associations, especially if you pair them with the word “Valkyrie”. Feel free to experiment with abstract graphics that give off daring and heroic vibes. If you have a text-based logo, go for Scandinavian-style typefaces to back the overall idea behind your branding.

What colors to choose

When looking for the right colors for your Valkyrie logo, opt for shades that stand for determination and courage. Businesses tend to gravitate towards shades of red and black. Brown and grey are somewhat less common. Many Valkyrie logos feature the classic black-and-white gamut. Most of the time, it’s a clean dark-colored drawing against a light background. Also, you can ignore our tips and simply use you corporate color palette - if, of course, it goes well with the belligerent image of Valkyrie.

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