Symbolic meaning

Skulls serve as a reminder that people are mortal, but besides this, it is considered a receptacle of the spirit, the life force. The Celtic people considered it to be the focus of sacred forces protecting man from the dark and giving a rich and healthy life.

What industries use?

A skull logo cannot be called popular and universal, because it is oriented to a narrow layer of subcultures and is most often used in the music world, the film industry, and computer games. A skull on an emblem is chosen by rock musicians themselves to emphasize their belonging to a certain rock current. Skulls logos can be found in movie studios, engaged in shooting death related horror movies about aliens and zombies. Also, skulls can be seen in logos of biker clubs and some special military units. With the advent of barbershops, skulls have become a frequently used symbol in this niche.

How to choose the right elements?

The peculiarity of Adam's head predetermines the entourage with which it can harmonize - there is no need for delicate openwork curls, stars and other tinsel - more sharp corners, straight, unexpectedly breaking lines. Do not bother with the colors - white, black and red will be enough. But if you are a hippie, then bright colors are never too much.

What companies use?

The emblem with a skull is used by the famous rock band Guns N' Roses, computer game Call of Duty, and biker gang Hells Angels.

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