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General information

Across many cultures, a pumpkin is a well-recognizable symbol for fertility, prosperity, lavish harvest, and abundance. Plus, it stands for peace and is believed to protect the family from evil spirits. Nowadays, a pumpkin is the main symbol of Halloween, a spooky holiday which originated in the USA. A pumpkin logo is a great choice for a variety of businesses, from event planners to marketing agencies. It’s also used to brand books, video games, movies, etc.

Brookfield Pumpkin Logo
Grandpa Toms Logo
Libbys Pumpkin Logo
New Bremen Pamkinfest Logo

Pumpkin Patch Logo

What brands use a pumpkin logo

Pumpkin Patch, a famous children's clothing brand, has a stylish black and white pumpkin logo. The well-known beer producer Jolly Pumpkin paired its brand name with the Halloween-themed graphics. The popular manga Pumpkin Scissors boasts a neat emblem that features a pumpkin with cut-outs made with scissors. The marketing company Team Pumpkin boasts a logotype without any distinctive graphics but with an impressive orange background.

Jolly Pumpkin Logo
Pumpkin Scissors Logo
Team Pumpkin Logo

What images to choose

A pumpkin is a designer-friendly symbol that can be drawn in many ways. It can be a sophisticated illustration or a sketchy one. Thanks to a unique distinctive shape and color, a pumpkin remains recognizable even if it’s drawn with a few lines. If you’re working on a Halloween-themed emblem, it makes sense to add eyes and mouth to your pumpkin, making it look like a smiling human face. In text-based logos, a pumpkin usually replaces letter O in the brand name.

Farmer Pampkin Logo
Pumpkin Basket Logo
Pumpkin Brokers Logo
Pumpkin Festival Logo

Goblin Gardens Pampkin Logo

What colors to choose

For your pumpkin logo, use typical autumn shades, such as yellow, red, and brown. Green is also an option. These colors are used in both logotypes and logomarks. Of course, you can play around with different shapes, experimenting with unusual palettes. In graphic design, there is no such thing as a cookie-cutting visual solution. Be a brave artist and explore all hues at your disposal.

Pumpkin Picking Logo
Shadow Creek Logo
Swan Pumkin-farm Logo

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Evil Night Logaster logo
Evil Smile Logaster logo
Halloween Squash Logaster logo
Hello Ween Logaster logo
Mad Head Logaster logo
Old Farm Logaster logo
Pumpkin Logaster logo
Pumpkin Market Logaster logo
Pumpky Logaster logo
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