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Halloween is among the oldest holidays celebrated by mankind. However, it’s lost its original meaning with the course of time. Back in the day, it was a way to give respects to people who passed away and celebrate a rich harvest. Nowadays, people throw colorful and loud Halloween parties. It's an amazing opportunity to dress up, have fun, and enjoy a mystical atmosphere. There are few brands that use Halloween-themed logos all the time. Most businesses add Halloween vibes to their logos specifically in October, when Halloween celebrations are in full swing.

What brands use a Halloween logo

It’s no secret that kids all over the world love Halloween, and big brands know that. Disney Channel embellishes its logo for the holiday every year. For example, in 2017, Disney designers overhauled the iconic Mickey Mouse mascot, giving him a spectacular Halloween attire. There are pumpkins and laurel branches in the logo for the annual Halloween International Film Festival. Google search engine also decorates its corporate symbol every year. Bacardi, a major liquor producer, enhances a bat on its logo, turning it into an essential element of any Halloween party.

What images to choose

The choice of images for a Halloween logo is endless. You can use icons with witch hats, bats, pumpkins, spiders, cobwebs, werewolves, witches, ghosts, dark spirits, and the like. Also, you can add crosses and gravestones, if appropriate. Anyway, you should do that only if your audience are ready for such images.

What colors to choose

The traditional colors of Halloween are black and orange. Black stands for nighttime and mysticism. Orange is the color of fall and, of course, pumpkins. More common color solutions include navy blue and yellow. To give the Halloween feel to an already recognizable logo, you can simply darken the existing colors. Alternatively, you can leave your corporate gamut changed and add a few Halloween-themed graphics.

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