Symbolic meaning

In the folklore of Western Europe, a gnome is a small creature that lives underground and mines gold, gems and other minerals. It symbolizes wealth, order, peace, wealth, and well-being. This funny human-like creature evokes mostly positive associations. Another famous character is a garden gnome. Millions of people decorate their gardens and yards with wooden or ceramic statues of gnomes. Gnome is a great branding choice for a variety of businesses.

What brands use a gnome logo

The Hoppy Gnome branded uses the image of a gnome with a funny hat and beard. In the logo for the landscape design company Gnome Landscape, you can see a gnome planting a tree. The GNOME Project IT company has a concise emblem with a gnome footprint. Tax Gnome accounting software developers went with a concise yet attention-grabbing design. In it, you can see a funny gnome wearing a pointed red hat. The marketing company Gnome boasts a clean yet visually striking text-based logo.

What images to choose

Common images include a gnome himself, pointed hat, and thick beard. Gnomes are usually depicted as small, short creatures with a kind smile and large, childish eyes. To create a memorable abstract logo, try to find a smart way to sketch a gnome or his hat in a few rough lines. For a text-based emblem, choosing a beautiful typeface is key.

What colors to choose

Since gnomes are often drawn in red clothes, you can’t wrong with this spectacular color. Many businesses go for a red and white palette. At the same time, feel free to explore other color combinations, including blue, yellow, pink, orange, etc. Black-and-white gamut is also a good choice. Minimalist palette will look great on any medium, from letterhead to website header.

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