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General information

In literature, Frankenstein symbolizes an attempt to create life in artificial conditions. Nowadays, many people erroneously refer to the monster as “Frankenstein”. The truth is that it’s the name of its creator, a genius scientist who considered himself above the laws of nature. This common mistake didn’t stop Frankenstein from becoming an iconic visual symbol which is used by music bands, cafés, publishing houses, and manufacturers.

Creature Fiend Logo
Bride of Frankenstein Logo
Frankenstein MD Logo
Frankenstein Resena Logo

Burg Frankenstein Logo

What brands use a Frankenstein logo

The rock band Electric Frankenstein stands out through their vibrant logotype drawn in the pseudo-Gothic style. The US-based company Frankenstein Computers & Networking also uses a text-based emblem, with the beautifully decorated first letter in the brand name. Frankenstein Engine Dynamics, a major manufacturer of automotive equipment, relies on abstract graphics which create associations with energy and strength. The iconic restaurant Burg Frankenstein, where the events of the book allegedly took place, uses the image of a beautiful castle.

Electric Frankenstein Logo
Frankenstein Computers & Networking Logo
Frankenstein Engine Dynamics Logo

What images to choose

The literary character is more than 200 years old. In mass culture, Frankenstein is depicted as an ugly monster with a rectangular head, scary face, empty look, and rough surgical stitches. Those are the distinctive features that make this character recognizable across the globe. Feel free to go with this visual interpretation or give life to your own artistic vision. Alternatively, you can drop the image of Frankenstein altogether and create a text-based emblem with a memorable typeface.

Mommys Little Monster Logo
Frankenstein Week Logo
Frank is Black Logo
Victor Frankenstein Logo

Frankenstein Logo

What colors to choose

Make sure your Frankenstein emblem is a clean and minimalist one, with a reserved color palette. Choose 1 or 2 main colors. Our tip is to focus on shades of black, green, and royal blue. These are the best colors to convey the dark mood and characteristic traits of the iconic literary character. The timeless black and white gamut is always an appealing option that fits any logo, regardless of its theme.

Mr Stein Logo
Young Frankenstein Logo
Von Frankenstein Logo

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Frank Enstein Logaster logo
Franky Logaster logo
Modern Prometheus Logaster logo
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Mr Stein Logaster logo
Scary Victor Logaster logo
Square Head Logaster logo
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