Symbolic meaning

Eyes symbolize vigilance, clairvoyance, and omniscience. They are associated with light, wisdom, energy, and power (both of creation and chaos).

What companies use?

An eye logo is most often used by private detective agencies, for example, the Cyber ​​Eye agency, as well as security services as a symbol of alertness and attention. The all-seeing eye is depicted even on the dollars banknotes of United States of America. The emblem of "a heart with eyes" is the most recognizable trademark used by the French company COMME DES GARÇONs. If there are eyelashes in the symbol, most likely it is a signboard of a beauty salon, or a cosmetic company. Eyes are an integral part of a number of company emblems like French Essilor International that produces corrective optics (eyeglasses, eye lenses).

How to choose the right colors?

This type of logo can be quite diverse. If it's a badge of guards and detectives, there is no need for much decoration. A black and white image in the frame is enough. If we are talking about beauty salons, it is better to approach with creativity.Green or blue iris colors are suitable, as they are the most attractive. To make the drawing expressive, it's best to use black in the frame.

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