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Symbolic meaning

According to ancient myths and legends, elves are a race of magical immortal beings of extraordinary beauty. Scandinavian mythology says that elves are forest spirits. Elves are traditionally characterized as gracious, wise and kind creatures. They are skilled craftsmen, warriors, musicians, and poets. These are the traits that J.R.R.Tolkien relied on when creating the elf race in his books. However, in some cultures, elves are considered thieves. By the way, did you know that Santa Claus has an elf friend who helps him pack and deliver gifts to children? This image received a warm welcome from the audience, both adults and kids.

Elf in The House Logo
Bad Elf Logo
Brownies Logo
Cleveland Browns Logo

Elf on the Shelf Logo

What brands use an elf logo

Elfin Sports Cars, an Australian manufacturer of sports and racing cars, has a neat-looking elf logo that resembles license plates. In the emblem for the children's project “Elf on the Shelf”, you can see a merry elf sitting on a bookshelf. The Elf Magic brand decided to do without the magical forest creature. Its emblem features the traditional Christmas color palette, combined with the images of a snowflake and heart.

Elfin Sports Cars Logo
Elf Magic Logo
Community Elf Logo

What images to choose

Make sure that an elf in your logo is distinctive and instantly recognizable. The creature must have refined facial features, long hair (straight or curled), and pointy ears. As additional graphics, use small leaves, plants, flowers, and other graphics that have to do with nature. If your mascot is a Christmas elf, you can choose from a myriad of Christmas-themed icons, including a pointed hat, pointed shoe with bells, striped red and white stockings, and festive winter decorations.

Elf Town Logo
Elf Book Logo
Elf Logo
Elf Musical Logo

The Elf Workshop Logo

What colors to choose

Since elves are very close to nature, the best way to go is to stick with shades of green. As accentuate shades, use white, yellow, and brown. Don’t be afraid to use vibrant colors. To create a Christmas mood, opt for red, green, and white. And finally, the classic black-and-white palette will always remain relevant no matter your logo theme.

House Elf Logo
Project Elf Dallas Logo
Tipsy Elves Logo

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